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Tiny Space Services

Diy Products

Design Packages

  • Plan on DIY-ing your build

  • Plan to partially work on your build 

  • Plan to work with a builder who doesn't have a designer on their team 

You're the right fit
for this if you:

You are definitely going to love this if you

  • Have a good idea and plan for the layout and storage for your build but are struggling with the colors, textures, hardware and finishes

  • Want to save your time and energy researching, finding and purchasing the right finishing touches and decor 

  • Like the Lavender Moon Vibe and want that applied to your space at a great price!

What it Includes:

1-on-1 Design Consultation

We review your inspiration, vibe and lifestyle goals for your space to ensure we put together the finishes and decor that create a space that truly lights you up!


Studies show that interior design positively impacts your mental health! 

That's why, especially in tiny spaces, creating an environment of harmony and beauty is key to enjoying it.

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Design + consultation build Packages 

Design + Management Services 

Done for You Build Services

Not sure what's right for you?

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