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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Many people think that interior designers are a luxury service or only for high end or luxury home builds, but that is not the case.

modern raised roof bus skoolie conversion

1. Interior Designers are an Essential Part of Your Build Team

They help you conceptualize your vision, discover and curate your style and make sure that your personality, needs and desires shine through in your space.

They source all your materials, from hardware, paint color and finishes to decor, and coordinate that with the builder so there's never any discrepancy when it comes to you getting what you really want and what they can recommend will be best. You should always have a designer on your team for your build because contractors have been trained and are skilled in a completely different arena and you want someone in your court to stylize everything to be aesthetically and functionally perfect for you.

2. Interior Designers are Affordable

Depending on the size of your spaces many room design services start at only $1,000. If you're a DIY'er on a budget, this may not sound like an affordable price to you. But if you're a busy person then you know the value of your time and you know that having someone help in this process will actually save you time and save your builder any room for mess-ups.

3. Interior Designers Save you Time and Money

If you're a go-getter and you're also conscious about your spending, an interior designer is definitely someone you want on your project. Designer's have spent the time in the industry sampling and installing many different types of products and materials and they know how to help you skip all the stressful parts and get to creating your vision with the least amount of hiccups. They also have many vendor partnerships and get discounts on everyday products and materials that most consumers don't have access to.

4. Interior Designers Save you Stress

There are so many things to take care of in our lives. Whether it be our kids, work or just everyday tasks, these things add up fast and leave us with little to no down time to just enjoy ourselves. We can always make more money, but we can't make more time. Every good leader knows that they need a solid team to bring their visions to life. Interior Designers are skilled in the process of building and installation and they know what to expect along the way. Many things get overlooked in the building process and leave people frustrated with their builder, when it really was no one's fault. Interior Designers are the guide you need to avoid those stress pits that come up along the way or may be costly or irreversible at the end.

5. Interior Designers Help you Decorate with Style

Many people think interior designers just drive around in luxury vehicles and designer clothes pointing at couches and artwork to pick out for their clients. They do so much more than that, and most don't care to be that boujee either. Interior designers source everything you need to complete your space from the rug and couches, to decor and artwork. If you want to snap your fingers and have your space together, you definitely want to work with a designer.

If you are getting ready to start your project, and you know you need a designer, or your builder doesn't have a designer, send us a message below, or check out our custom design packages, and we can talk more about your wants and needs to see how we can best serve you!

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