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Professional DIY Shuttle Bus Package - All Inclusive

DIY? We got you!
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Why spend your time trying to figure out, making multiple trips back and forth to the store, watching endless videos that all tell you different things, when you can get a roadmap that will guide you through the every part of the build?

Get instant access to our process and materials that we've spent years researching and developing.

Imagine having the exact list and roadmap of items we use to build out our professional, luxury shuttle buses. These diagrams can be used for any bus in the range of 21'-25'.

Enjoy this plan that has everything you need to duplicate a high-end shuttle bus build.

This plan was made using the same process used for all our shuttle bus builds and includes everything you need to DIY, even a miscellaneous list of things you'll need at Home Depot.

Over the years, the materials and strategies we've used and upgraded and this plan and the comprehensive material list gives you access to all of that.

This All-Inclusive Shuttle Bus Plan Includes:

  • Blueprint
  • Renderings
  • Dimensions
  • Electrical Diagram
  • Electrical Roadmap
  • Plumbing Diagram
  • Plumbing Roadmap
  • Complete Material List for Everything from Plumbing Parts to Throw Pillows!

We hope you enjoy, share with your friends and we'd love to hear any feedback on how we can do better on any of our next plans.

*If you have any questions or need additional help I will not be available to consult or assist and would recommend you reach out to a local electrician or plumber for hands-on help. It is your responsibility to implement these plans*

*Our Love It Guarantee - If you aren't sure if package isn't right for you, don't worry! Just go ahead and purchase and download it first and if you don't absolutely love it - send us an email and we will refund you 100%. But we think you will get a lot of value out of this package. We spent 3 years researching, testing, and personally using these products and systems, along with hours turning it all into a digestible diagram and material list and we hope it really helps :)*

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