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let's be real

You're a go-getter,

You know what you want.

And this is something entirely new.


WE are A

Design Agency 

that specializes in mobile, alternative, and all luxurious living spaces.

We incorporate eco-friendly building materials and a touch of feminine flair in every design.

tiny space design packages


Why do we hire designers for home builds, but not tiny spaces?

We believe that tiny spaces are just as important to incorporate a designer into as much as any size house.

Studies show that interior design positively impacts your mental health

That's why, especially in tiny spaces, creating an environment of harmony and beauty is key to enjoying it, or selling it for the best price.

If you're not a designer, or your builder doesn't have a designer, that's where we come in.

We create a custom package that fits your vibe and allows you to feel fully expressed in your space.

This can lead to increased productivity, a more relaxed atmosphere, and a more value if you decide to sell or rent your space.

Find out more by clicking the package that fits your size space below.







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how we can help

get a


for vans, buses and all tiny spaces

for all spaces 

Want a plan to build out your own space? Use our pre-made designs and create your home -- without wasting time figuring it out yourself. Choose your level of support needed and we'll be there with you along the way.

Want us to design a custom space for you?

Get started with one of our design packages.

If we don't have your size yet, just send us a message in the chat and we'll get you a quote. 

We can create in virtually any space - so if you like our vibe, let's get started on your project!

get a MODEL
van build

for select van builds & shuttle buses

Want a faster and more cost effective option? Purchase one of the standardized layouts for ProMasters, Sprinter Vans and Shuttle Buses and DIY it or we can connect you with our network of builders.

you're ready for something different

You’re ready to live a life that’s not so ordinary.

You’ve done all of the things you thought would fulfill you,

But you still feel like there’s something else for you.

You feel the world changing.

You see something that not everyone else sees.

You are willing to do something not everyone else would do.

You're a pioneer. 


Is life gonna pass you by without you ever living out this big, crazy dream?


Is that a life you would be proud of?


This thing is calling out to you and you want to do it..

But you don’t know what’s on the other side of it.


And at the end of the day, you wonder

Am I ready to venture into the unknown?

we're here to help you take that leap



-Lavender Moon BUs DELUXe DIY
-diy plumbing
-diy electrical 
-Diy electrical + Plumbing



now accepting bitcoin!


our designs

how WE can help you build

We work with clients locally and from anywhere in the world.  

2. Book a call with us.
3. Choose your design package


If you are DIY-ing your project our design packages have different levels of detail and support to assist you on your journey. 
Work With Our Network
If you are looking to get someone else to build out the design we've created for you, we can connect you with someone in our network. 
(Availability subject to location)
Work With Anyone You Like!
As your interior designer, we work with your team to ensure the vision we've created is followed through with!


so, why tiny?

  • Easier to go off-grid

  • Minimize things, maximize memories

  • Less space to clean

  • Go mobile with it! (if that's your jam)

  • Save $$$ on building costs (300sf of flooring vs. 1500sf - big dif)

  • Forces you to be more intentional (cleaning, buying, etc.)

  • Retire early? Much easier with low, or no, expensive mortgage payment

  • Once in a lifetime opportunity - you, and your friends and family, will never forget this

  • It's an investment! Change your mind? Easy - just sell it and do whatever lights you up next

  • Take your business mobile. Make a statement with a custom van wrap and bring your brand awareness everywhere you go.



Your time is precious and you're done trying to figure it all out yourself 

You care about the earth and we'll make sure your materials show that

You want dedicated team focused on making your space feel like you

You're ready to get full clarity on how to get exactly what you want

You're ready to take the leap and have someone else take care of the details

You want to see it all laid out so you can see that it's perfect for you

You want to be able to make all the changes you need to make sure you love it 

You want to do it yourself or hire someone else, but you got standards

We want to make YOU look good.

why not just work with a builder?

Not all builders are designers

Have you ever seen something so incredibly well-built, but the design was outdated or just didn't flow and resulted in not really letting the  craftsmanship shine?

What if they had consulted a designer, beforehand, to help them make sure the design would speak to people and really amplify the work they create?

How much more can a craftsman's work shine when paired with a designers eye?

When you get a house custom built, you normally hire a team to help build the entire vision. This allows each respective trade to own their space and show up in their skilled area.

So why should it be any different with these alternative living spaces?


When you hire us, you are not just hiring a builder, you are hiring a designer AND a builder. You are hiring a team, dedicated to their respective crafts and able to create AND fulfill your vision.

You are allowing us to represent you and how you to feel, in the design and craftsmanship.

You are gifting yourself the freedom to not have to have any extra time or headaches in explaining or checking in on your builder. 

You are allowing the builder to do what they're good at getting a designer to make sure it feels like you.

You are taking the extra step to guarantee you get exactly what you imagined, without the extra stress and uncertainties along the way. 

When you hire us, go ahead and hand over all the heady, logistical things that need to be worked through along the way and sit back, relax and watch while your vision gets built by your dream team.

We Believe

Your space deserves to feel like you.


Modern, fresh and sexy. ​

You dare to live outside the norm.


You've worked too hard to compromise.

Let's create the space you've earned.

Get Your Design Started!

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